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From Denmark to America
June 24, 2014 - 3:21:56 p.m.

Gone But Not ForgottenThis part of the site is dedicated to the descendants of the Græss/Grass Family originating from Denmark.

 »A branch of the family made the voyage that started in Denmark in 1888, overcoming the turbulence and struggles of forging to a new land, America. They then built a new life and survived«.

From the comprehensive book: "Gone But Not Forgotten - Past and Present Grass Family Memoirs" © 2010 by Laura L Petersen.

A special thank you goes to Laura Petersen, whose contributions to this site are tremendous.

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Anna Sofia JensenSeptember 25, 193190Death
Lillian JensenSeptember 25, 1895126Birth
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Rasmus LarsenSeptember 27, 1778243Burial
Jacob JensenSeptember 27, 1769252Burial
Jens Henning ChristensenSeptember 30, 1842179Birth
Ruby SchmelingOctober 198635Death
Margrethe NielsdatterOctober 1809212Death
Karen Jensen GræsOctober 1, 1887134Immigration
Elizabeth Olive JensenOctober 2, 194972Death
Ane Katherine Jensen GræsOctober 2, 1887134Confirmation
Ane Hansen PelleOctober 2, 1881140Confirmation
Hans JohansenOctober 2, 1849172Death
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